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JOCAM NIGERIA LIMITED operates as Clemco authorized Sole/Exclusive Representative for Sales in Nigeria and West Africa. Jocam Nigeria Limited is the Authorized distributor for Clemco in Nigeria and from years of experience as a Sole distributor, we guarantee quality products directly from the equipment manufacturer, ensure prompt delivery and offer competitive Prices. We also provide after sales support and have machines, blast abrasives, parts and accessories in our warehouse stocked in our Port Harcourt facilities.

CLEMCO Products ranging-Blast pot of various sizes (20 liters, 40liters, 60 liters, 80 liters, 100 liters & 200 liters) with spares. Blast abrasive grit of different types i.e. Copper Slag, Coal Slag, Aluminum Oxide, Steel Grit and Garnet Wet Blast, Power Injection Gun and lots more


Apollo 100 AND 600 Helmets

Our Apollo 100 and 600 helmets are referred to as a sandblasting helmet, is part of any standard protective equipment (PE) for operators, because it performs several functions at the same time.

They include special safety couplings, which do not open even with strong pulling forces, as well as triple lenses that have been optimized for use in blasting operation. The lenses consist of a safety glass that protects against rebound and tear-away lenses that can be pulled off easily to ensure a clear view.

Both helmets are designed to provide essential protection for abrasive blasting operators against hazards such as abrasive media, dust, and noise.  

Inner Pipe Blasting

Over the past 65 years, Clemco has developed a global network of manufacturing sites, offices, stocking distributors and dealers to provide our customers with reliable products, service and support. Today, Clemco is proud to be the largest air-powered abrasive blast equipment supplier in the world with a commitment to our customers that remains unchanged year after year.

Clemco Inner Pipe Blasting is a highly effective solution for maintaining the integrity and performance of pipelines and cylindrical structures across a wide range of industries. By leveraging advanced blasting technology and abrasive media, Clemco helps businesses achieve optimal surface preparation and corrosion protection, ultimately extending the service life of their assets.




200L Blast Pot

At the heart of the Clemco Blast Pot is its rugged construction, built to withstand the harsh conditions of abrasive blasting environments. These pots are typically made from heavy-duty materials such as steel or aluminum, ensuring durability and longevity even in demanding settings. They also contain the following features:

  • Top-quality wear-resistant materials
  • Exclusive design and high-quality finish
  • CE-approved manufactured and tested
  • Simple maintenance, with easy to replace spare parts
  • Guaranteed parts supply
  • Wide selection of standard volume sizes, from 20 I to 4500 I
  • Clemco’s inventory of spare parts can keep a blast pot running for decades.
  • Customized solutions in the Clemco Engineering module available upon request

Blast Hose

Clemco offers two tiers of blast hose quality: premium and ultimate. Regardless of choice, both hose types are built with highly resistant inner lining, carbon-impregnated anti-static layers and high-durability outer wraps to guarantee a long life.

Blast Nozzle

The blast nozzle is a critical component in abrasive blasting systems, serving as the point of exit for the abrasive media propelled by compressed air or other means. It plays a crucial role in controlling the direction, velocity, and pattern of the abrasive stream, ultimately determining the efficiency and effectiveness of the blasting process. Clemco, a prominent manufacturer in the abrasive blasting industry, produces a wide range of blast nozzles designed to meet diverse blasting requirements.

The design of Clemco blast nozzles typically features a hardened inner liner to withstand the erosive forces generated by the abrasive media. This liner is often made from materials such as tungsten carbide or boron carbide, renowned for their exceptional wear resistance and durability. Surrounding the liner is a protective outer jacket, which provides additional strength and helps to dissipate heat generated during blasting.

Clemco blast nozzles come in various shapes, sizes, and configurations to suit different applications and blasting conditions. Straight nozzles, angled nozzles, and specialty nozzles with extended reach or narrow openings are among the options available. The choice of nozzle depends on factors such as the type of abrasive media being used, the desired surface finish, and the accessibility of the blasting area.

Clemco blast nozzles come in a wide variety of different liners and nozzle jackets to suit any application and abrasive media. Each nozzle type has been formulated for a specific area of blast application, and the components and construction of each nozzle reflect this specificity.


the blast nozzle and couplings are integral components of abrasive blasting systems, working together to deliver the abrasive media to the target surface with precision and efficiency. Clemco, as a leading manufacturer in the abrasive blasting industry, offers a wide range of high-quality nozzles and couplings designed to meet the diverse needs of abrasive blasting applications, ensuring optimal performance and durability.

The couplings and nozzle holders are made of high-quality, durable materials such as nylon, brass and aluminum, to guarantee peak levels of functionality and safety. These components are designed to function in any condition on any job site.



The Remote Control System RMS2000 by Clemco is an advanced and versatile solution for remotely controlling abrasive blasting operations, offering enhanced safety, efficiency, and convenience. Designed for use with Clemco’s abrasive blasting equipment, the RMS2000 enables operators to control key blasting parameters from a distance, minimizing exposure to potentially hazardous environments and improving productivity

The longer the blast hose, the greater the need for quick-response control

Precise operational control and safety is the hallmark of Clemco remote controls, which immediately start or stop the blast stream whenever necessary. 

The Remote Control System RMS2000 from Clemco offers a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for remotely controlling abrasive blasting operations. With its wireless operation, comprehensive control capabilities, safety interlocks, real-time monitoring, and compatibility with Clemco blasting equipment, the RMS2000 enhances safety, efficiency, and productivity in abrasive blasting applications.

JOCAM activities suit particularly the necessities of the Energy and allied sectors of the Nigerian economy.

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