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Aside engineering, procurement and maintenance activities, JOCAM also renders industrial support services to some of its clients within the Nigerian oil and gas sectors.

In this regard, two service areas, logistics and manpower support have been carefully chosen and continuously developed.

JOCAM has relentlessly maintained an unsurpassed commitment to these select service areas, since our days as POS ASSOCIATES. Concomitantly, this goes with an upward cognate experience as acquired by our well-trained personnel.

Accordingly, the foregoing disposition have accounted for our rather long-standing good quality service, high productivity and customer satisfaction.

More than anything else, we are inspired not only to remain in this business, but also, to always find a way of improving on our services, thanks to the several positive commendations of the main contractors and end users of some turnkey projects. This is as far as the invaluable contributions of JOCAM, in the areas of logistics and manpower support to the uptime, prompt completion and cost minimization of their various large-scale projects are concerned.

The fact that our support services have continued to exert a high degree of positive impact on other aspects of our service line (engineering, construction, maintenance and procurement) to the mutual benefit of our clients and company is better experienced than told.


Logistics & Manpower Support: Service Outline

The service outline as obtains in the Logistics & Manpower Support Department of JOCAM NIGERIA LIMITED are as follows:



Organization, control and regulation of the flow of goods, materials, equipment, staff, etc. needed for large-and medium-scale operations (e.g. turnkey projects, turn-around maintenance of plants and other facilities, etc.):

  • Land and water transportation
  • Offshore/onshore locations
  • Souring, hiring, booking, scheduling and rescheduling of barges, boats, vessels, cars, light and heavy duty trucks during project mobilization and demobilization stages, and as the project progresses
  • Leasing of boats and vehicles on long-term and short-term arrangements
    House keeping and allied operations


Directed towards turnkey projects, turnaround maintenance of plant and other facilities, and regular (day to day) operations specialized on high medium and low level technical manpower such as:

  • Engineers, managers, scientists, specialist professionals
  • Technologists
  • Technicians, operators, drivers, etc
  • Stringers, erectors, scaffolders etc.

¨ Concerned with onshore and offshore sources¨  Fully involved in the souring & acquisition, development & packaging, supply & management as well as mobilization and demobilization of manpower.




Qualitative and Productive Workforce are incorporated in our team


Supports Energy, Manufacturing, Power, Service, etc


Performed Numerous Projects and Contracts of Varying Complexity

Excellent Service Delivery

we strive to ensure Plants and Project’s uptime with Safety

JOCAM activities suit particularly the necessities of the Energy and allied sectors of the Nigerian economy.

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